Michio Kaku: Earth & Solar Magnetic Field Storms

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Michio Kaku on Earth & Solar Magnetic Field Interactions - BBC News America, recorded 18 & 19.02.2011

Michio Kaku on Earth & Solar Magnetic Field Interaction - Solar Flares & Auroras - BBC News America, recorded 17 & 18.02.2011

Great insigt into a new field of science. How does the sun affect our environment? What about Pole-Shifts? And where is our Earth Magnetic Shierld? We begin our journey on a survey of Mercury and prospect the idea of exploring Pluto. But Michio Kaku puts the picture together for us, in a BBC special...

This series is proving to be very popular, no thanks to me or the BBC. Prof Michio Kaku continues to captivate the peoples imagination with what I would call Sci-Fi Theoretical Phyisics .... Great Presentation & Great Insight

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