GOD TV In Space!

  • Uploaded by Gazelem on Feb 25, 2011
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Greetings dear brothers and sisters, Just a short video for now, i became intrigued with this single frame from the second video related to the first video named (A picture framed star of EL) it appears to show a T.V screen, and it seems to be on legs, but there are many depictions in the image, like a face below the screen near the legs, and at the side of the T.V screen to the right side, there appears to be a full length depiction of a character like a man with long hair, wearing a robe, and his arm can be seen, yet the face is a redish colour, it is also an eye, and the arm is a nose, and the robe wearers belt is a mouth, and the lower part of his robe below, a beard. pause the video at the 4th zoom in to the T.V screen.

Mainly i focus on the T.V screen, and zoom in. There is a face in the T.V, the face is a beige colour, and has large oval shaped eyes, one purpley red and one yellowy green, hes looking out of the T.V screen :O)

At the end of the video i rotate the image to reveal other depictions, i will tell you that the main lighted area is also depicting a character, i believe it is Jesus, because i see J C on other images of the same object where J can be seen on one side of it and C on the other side of it. I will reveal Jc in the next video. The last rotation at the very end of the video shows a side profile of a face that has an eye, nose, mouth, and beard, wearing what appears to be a hat of sorts, above the bright white area, like a Wizard type hat, or a crown is worn. In the purple area of the hat, there is a character with limbs and a bird-like head.

There are several images from the second video that show awesome things, that you will be extremely surprised to see. There are two very clear faces, one in a 3 way view looking left, looking right and looking straight out at you. This face when you see it, looks like that description of God that many imagine, an ELderly white haired and white bearded benevolent fatherly face. The other face, well, you will see that one also, in the next video, when i get it done, which will be soon, hopefully :O)

GOD is in creation, the very word GOD can be seen in all things, and the depictions that are written by the word are connected to each other, and can be viewed as different scenes, from various angles. EL is the name that can also be seen in creation, and this must be my GOD, for JESUS is EmmanuEL, meaning ( GOD with us ;o)

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