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Royal Priests ordained by God do not pray as Fathe

  • Uploaded by Nijjhar on Feb 25, 2011
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Royal Priests ordained by God do not pray as Father is with them and He is Omniscient - 3. DEAD IN SPIRIT CHRISTIANS PRAY WHILST THE LIVING CHRISTS PONDER OVER HIS WORD.
Such people who submerge themselves in prayers are the once-born stones that the Priests turn them into bread and butter. They act like supper Judas Iscariot dipping their hands into the Church Purse in the manner of the Judas Iscariot stealing money from the Purse. Peter being the only once-born Labourer was kept groomed up by Judas Iscariot that he could not do to the other twice-borns. That is why at the Last Supper, Peter was asking others to ask Jesus the name of the person who will deceive him. So, the people that go to Churches are mostly the once-born devoted to Christ Jesus as the widow at the Temple who put her mite into the Temple Treasury on which the Temple Priests lived lavishly as Pope is living much more today. Whereas the sensible twice-born people do not bother to attend Churches and just think of the Priests enjoying their secular jobs with no conscience. How could you take money out every month as your salary when the members of Congregation donate to spiritual cause? So, these Priests are not spiritual but the secular thieves cheating people making excuse that the worker is worth his wage. Workers of Christ Jesus are paid in Gospel Treasures that rest in your heart whilst the workers of Queen in the secular treasures of Mammon that rest in Banks. Which one would you like Gospel or Mammon? You cannot have both while serving God as in God we perform philanthropy expecting no reward in Mammon. In fact, these Priests fulfil the Saying of Christ Jesus in Matt.12.v43-45 that the Temple Priests of Moses who were expelled for ever from Temple, the Winepress that produced old wine of poor quality, could not find a green pasture as Christ Jesus stressed that the Husbandmen, the Priests, after sacked by God, would not be of any good to be employed and would become unemployed for ever as the Royal Priests of God, the general public would take them over in this Dark Age when every one gives his own account to God. That is why our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus became the Lamb of God to expel them from the Temple for good. The Temple Priests beated Jesus mercilessly that even Peter frightened of the corporal punishment denied Him three times. St.Stephen and St.James, the Just kept the Church of God free of the Messianic Sharks but soon after their deaths, the Messianic Jews, the arid spirits of the destroyed Temple infiltered into the Church of God and lured their old customers by bringing in the Jewish Leaven, the forbidden old testament into the Churches first in the Judea region. When the Apostles, mostly Gentile, visited such Churches where the congregations were full of the old wine of the letters or Scriptures and they desireth not the New Wine as Jesus used to experience in Jerusalem whereas the Samaritan woman at the well being of spirit engaged Christ Jesus into deep discussions that even surprised His Labourers. So, the Apostles rebuked the Bishops for bringing in the written Torah but the Bishop retorted by throwing them out of their Churches. Thus, Salvation is of the Gentile especially of the Samaritans and not of the spiritually sick Messianic Jews who occupied the Churches and filled them with their blind old once-born customers highly devoted to Christ Jesus and then on the basis of strength of these Churches, they bartered with the Roman Emperors to supply soldiers in return for killing their critics, the Monks by putting them before the animals or burning them at stake.

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