The Mostly Weird Chronicles of Steffan McFessel

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The Mostly Weird Chronicles of Steffan McFessel - The Widescreen Trailer

McFessel | Feb 25, 2011

Available March 2011 on Kindle, Nook, SONY, Kobo, and Smashwords.

Society has collapsed, and the Earth has turned weird.

Ball lightning wanders the countryside, looking for people to fry. Whole towns of insane residents burn books and the people who read them, hoping to erase the past. The mounted military rides llamas. Nymphs, sprites, and other once-imaginary creatures have started popping into existence.

Yup. Really weird.

The survivors of Last War know that if humanity is ever going to regain its former glory, they need a champion. A person of great power and even greater leadership skills. Someone brave. Someone bold. Someone willing to embrace a dangerous, glorious destiny.

Instead, they get Steffan McFessel.

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