unknown lights over Queens, NYC Feb-2011

New UFO video of unknown lights over Queens, NYC Feb-2011
This footage of unknown lights in the night sky over Queens in New York City were recorded recently - in late February 2011. I hope I'll find the exact date soon!

Witness report: I was waiting for the 7 @ Queens borough Plaza, and I noticed 3 lights on the horizon. I thought it was weird, but also thought it wasn't a big deal. Looked up at the sky then I saw a plane and another light. The plane went on it's merry way, while the light kept going farther up in the sky, 'til it disappeared from my sight. Then my attention was once again drawn to the lights from before, and I noticed the farthest one to the left moved. That's when I began to record.

This is a two parter, the 2nd one is shorter. but shows the lights a little bit better. So far I've canceled out: the tram (the one that takes you to Roosevelt Island) , planes, and helicopters (you know those make a crap ton of noise).

I apologize for my yammering in the video-- I was both very excited and very exhausted, lol.

The 2nd part. You can clearly see the lights in the sky. I canceled out: trams, airplanes, and helicopters (bc they are loud as hell and don't fly in that sort of clusterfuck). All ideas and hypotheses are welcome!. :)

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