Strange Creature SIGHTINGS genetic hybrids ancient

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Actual pictures and footage of amazing creatures. Is it mythology? Is it genetic hybrid technology? Whatever the case, we can't ignore it forever.

Whether it is the new mysterious creature that washed up on the beach of New York, or the multitudes of mysterious creatures that are reported throughout history, it is time to realize how little we really understand about our enormous universe.

Just a little collection of some amazing animals to wet your taste buds... something to provoke thought beyound our tiny little illusion of reality broadcast by the mainstream media. There is so much more to see than what "the powers that be" show us.

Is this nature? Is this proof of all the ancient depictions of creatures from hell and the "underworld? Is this non-extinct remnant of past ages? Is this part of what the New World Order conspiracy theories claim is going on in the underground bases. Ya know, they claim there are many hybrid creatures and genetic experiments that have been secretly going on for years.

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