Starship Coil

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Dogsaver Starship Coil

jackscholze | Feb 27, 2011

New Dogsaver Starship type coil, wound with 16 turns of #20 doorbell solid copper hookup wire, wound in a special octagonal configuration discovered by cakegy and shown in one of his videos. It exhibits a lot of power in the center area.
I've included the schematic for the driver circuit, which employs an IRF350 mosfet power transistor. It is the same circuit the Orb Weaver shown in an earlier video.
Thanks to Rich Motzer as well for discovering how to make the Starship type coil and save us a lot of time in the winding efforts. The 147258361 winding pattern round the octahedral figure yields strong magnetic fields and energies in the central area that I'm still exploring. The one inch diameter neodymium cylinder magnet is magnetized thru the diameter. It goes 10 to 12,000 RPM with rather strong troque from just a small +12volt brick power source. Aloha

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