Israel:The Promised Land for Organized Crime

Get ready to get knocked right out of your chair!

Here is Dr.Duke's latest video production: Israel, The Promised Land of Organized Crime. It is a powerful, factual documentary that exposes the incredible hypocrisy of the media that has caused most of the world to have deep and false associations of organized crime with Italians, while the true identity of the world champions of organized crime are shielded and covered up by the mass media.

This documentary shows that while Hollywood and the Jewish controlled media incessantly depicts organized crime as an Italian creation, the biggest gangsters of the 20th and 21st Century have not been Italians but members of another ethnic group that has possessed the media and government power to cover up its crime dominance. The biggest criminal in 20th Century America was not Al Capone, it was Meyer Lansky who plagued our nation for most of the century.

The most murderous crime organization in American history was not an Italian Mafia outfit, but the overwhelmingly Jewish, Murder Incorporated. The most powerful and dangerous criminal organization in this the 21st Century is not the Italian mafia, but the so-called Russian Mafia the most murderous and ruthless organization in world history. One that controls not just drugs and rackets but banks and media!

Even the Jewish media-created term, "Russian Mafia" is a double lie. These criminals are not let by ethnic Russians but by ethnically conscious, internationally-networked Jews. The Russian people are now being smeared by the media just as Italians were in the 20th Century. As the video also documents, Jewish gangsters have been shielded by mainline Jewish organizations all over the world. By exposing the media lies and suppression of truth by the Hollywood and information media, this video offers conclusive proof of the Jewish control of the media and the fact that they use this control to lie and to suppress information vital to the public welfare.

My documentary shows how a Wikileaks hacked cable from the American embassy in Israel warning America of danger from Jewish organized criminals was deliberately suppressed by the Jewish controlled media! Julian Assange stated clearly in an interview that he gave thousands of cables exposing Israel to the mass media such as the NY Times, but they suppressed the files that exposed Israel because of "Jewish sensitivities." Wikileaks embarrassed America and dozens of other nations, but the only nation shielded by the media was Israel!

Not only is the information in this video completely documented and irrefutable, it is presented in the most professional and exciting way possible with state of the art video and documentary techniques.

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