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T-shirtNet: Fishermen put nets to catch fish whilst we Fishers of Men put Net too - 2. T-shirts are our Nets to catch twice-born spiritual Men in order to be the Fishers of Men. So, spiritual Men are those people who are solitary capable of intuition and not to be blind following their Bishops or the Dog-Collar Hirelings of Mammon making fool of the people by taking out the Donations at the end of the month as their salaries as they are performing a secular job like a Policeman who puts on the uniform that these clerics have dog-collars. They are working for Mammon and hypocritically tell their congregations of the once-born stones that they are men of God. Men of God work FREE and they are not the Hirelings, Was Christ Jesus a Hireling who did not devote His Life for His Labourers? No. He gave his life as the Lamb of God to throw those robed anti christ Temple Priests, Parable of the Winepress, out of the Jerusalem Temple and made us Royal Priests, the Roving Preachers. Now which of the Apostles was a burden on the congregation? None. Paul earned his living like the others as a Tent maker. Roving Preacher did not stay longer at a place than that was necessary. Christ Peter was not the First Bishop of Rome but he was a Roving Planter of the Churches of God. Much has been said in the Video. This Videos should be before the other one as it introduces to you Adam and his sons, the tribal people,

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