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What we know about the world today:

- "Matter", as we understand it today, is made up of molecules.
- Molecules consist of atoms.
- The existence of neutrinos and quarks has been proved at a subatomic and quantum physical level. Both represent forms of energy and, furthermore, little research has been performed in this field.
- Their existence is currently explained by the string theories, from which the M theory was subsequently derived. It is, however, certain, that "matter" consists of oscillating fields.
- Everything consists of energy, and all forms of energy appear in oscillation fields.
- The infinite number of types of matter are differentiated by variations in their oscillation fields.
- Ergo, an infinite number of different oscillation fields must also exist.

This is common knowledge.

IMP Technology J.R. Hempel AbelStringPower

IMP - The innovation:

- A research team led by J.R. Hempel has developed a technology that exploits the energy from previously unknown oscillation fields (IMP Technology).
- Furthermore, with the aid of IMP Technology, a way has been found to transfer these oscillation fields to others and duplicate them.
- One of the outstanding features of the IMP oscillation fields is revealed in previously unknown qualities in the generation of electrical power.
- The IMP oscillation fields are discribed as charging current signals. Their influence affects galvanic devices and ion cells. This charging current signal succeeds in transferring the information from already-charged accumulators to uncharged capicitors - without the previously required power input.
- In other words: the charging current signal induces the capacitors to achieve fully charged status in accordance with the signal frequency information, and this without the input of the usually previously required electrical power.
- At the same time, the period required until full charge status is achieved is very short.
- The galvanic device "informed" with this innovative charge current can pass on its electrical power as intended after charging. The IMP charging procedure may be repeated indefinitely. The efficiency and endurance of the capacitors is considerably increased under the influence of this type of charging current signal.
- Thus, constantly high output is achieved with low input.

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