Gospel is Free of the man-made Moral laws that are

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Gospel is Free of the man-made Moral laws that are good if rooted in Holy Spirit - 1. Holy Spirit is Free of the Moral Laws or Water.
Moral laws made in the Light of Holy Spirit are sound and they create Peace and make the living as if in heaven. Rabbis used to have the Light of God, Mercy, in their hearts and this Christ Jesus stressed that the Key to the kingdom of heaven was given to the Rabbis, they themselves would not enter, be merciful and they would not let the others enter either. Sabbath is devoted to the worship of demiurge god Yahweh of Nature, the creator of male and female and this is best celebrated by curing people of the physical ailments or disabilities. That is what Christ Jesus was doing on Sabbath but as the Rabbis were merciless objected to Christ Jesus performing the merciful deeds. Samaritan man who picked up the wounded person demonstrated the Light of God within him whilst a Rabbis and a Pharisee passed by. That was why the Jews, the disciples of such stone-hearted Rabbis were jealous of the Samaritans and hated them as the Samaritan Woman at the well stressed that you Jews hate us and you ask water of me? Even today, the Bible is so influenced by those Jews that they still hate the Samaritans and would not admit or know that the Samaritan woman at the well became an Apostle called St.Photina. In fact, she should be addressed as Christ Photina, her real name is not known in literature. Similarly, all the twelve Labourers of Christ Jesus at Pentecost on receiving their Wage of Holy Spirit not only became the Twin Brethren of the anointed Christ Jesus but they too became Christs preaching Gospel as Jesus had done. Jewish people gave them the status of Saint. Popes, the antichrists, are proclaiming people who have no knowledge of Gospel as Saints for their hypocritical meakness.
Now, John, the Baptist was an Ideal Rabbi or the moral teacher who was concerned with water in Adam as our body is mostly water that gives strength to people whereas the Blood is the life giving of God. So, we can say that the Moral Laws of Adam are embodied in water and Gospel of God in blood. As Adam is the Natural man who obeys the laws of Nature, tit-for-tat or to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, so in spirit we go the opposite.

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