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Gospel is Free of the man-made Moral laws that are

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Gospel is Free of the man-made Moral laws that are good if rooted in Holy Spirit - 2. Holy Spirit is Free of the Moral Laws or Water.
As Adam is the Natural man who obeys the laws of Nature, tit-for-tat or to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, so in spirit we go the opposite. That is, if some one hits you on one cheek, present the other and in law you are bound whilst in spirit, you are set free. That is why the Rabbis, Pharisees, Sadducees, etc who used to be devoted to God according to Matt.13.52 as the owners of the hereditary House, the Synagogue, bringeth forth the Treasures old, scriptures, and the New, Gospel, from their Store room of knowledge. Such Rabbis were known as the Freemen but when they came under the hammer of the Temple Priests, they were no more Free but slaves and had no right to act of their own. Samaritan villages' Rabbis were not under the hammer of the Temple Priests and they themselves were Free and set the members of their Synagogues Free as well. Samaritan Woman at well was the typical example of the spiritual Freedom that even their women were so spiritually enlightened. That is, Christ Jesus was not needed by the living in spirit Gentile -- A Gentile never dies for he does not live to die.
Further, Christ Jesus was the living anointed Second Adam whilst John, the Baptist was working for the dead mythological Adam. That is why John, the Baptist spoke so high of Christ Jesus but He baptised Him to fulfil that Christ Jesus came among the Chosen People, the Jews, who were spiritually Sick and not for the Gentile. John, the Baptist too just baptised the Jewish men in the name of Abraham and he never baptised a Gentile or a woman.
Thus, John, the Baptist baptised Jewish men in water and stressed that the One after me, much mightier, will Baptise you in Holy Spirit that is Free of the Moral Laws or Water. For this reason, Christ Jesus never mixed water with wine in His Baptism in Holy Spirit, the Eucharist of Sacrifice or entering into the Bridal Chamber with Son, the Bridegroom, who welcomed His Workers into the Home of our Father by washing their Feet, a custom prevalent in the Middle East and East to welcome their guests into the house.
As the Church of God came under the hammer of the corrupt, Arid spirited Temple Priests, they expelled the Apostles from their Churches by making their congregations drunk with the old wine of Scriptures or the written Torah that they desired not the New Wine.

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