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NEW COMET! Urine-Anus 2011X - aka "comet UR-anus" = NASA EXPLANATION an EPIC FAIL! READ

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credit to youtube user: kopfeist ... READ EVERYTHING BELOW!!!!!

quite possibly the BEST shot of a NEO ever.. good JOB!

i know the person who shot this DID NOT come up with the official explanation.. so don't blame THEM.. its an AWESOME SHOT!!!!! subscribe to their channel NOW!!!!



say what? QUESTION TO SKEPTICS: so WHO EXACTLY is stupid enough to believe this LITERAL CRAP!?

and whats the MYSTERY OBJECT following the URanus 2011X comet?!!!

this SHOULD make the failblog!


"At the end of the day on March 8th, a strange curlicue-shaped comet appeared in the twilight skies of Europe. It was space shuttle Discovery performing a dump of waste water. Crystals of flash-frozen urine and other substances glistened in the sunlight, putting on an impressive show."

now a quote from about their waste systems..

"The new toilet features better hygiene, larger storage capacity, greater dependability, and an overall cost savings in maintenance.

-The previous model had a 14-day capacity for storage of waste material. The new model has an unlimited storage capacity.

-The new model features a cylinder system where a plastic bag is placed in the toilet before use. The bag is then sealed and is forced to the bottom of the cylinder after each use by a plunger attached to a lever. A new bag is then placed in the toilet for the next astronaut. When the cylinder is filled, it is replaced by a new cylinder.


link below:

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