New Technology For the Next Gen. Of Innovators

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I spent over 27 years working out the details for Quantified Infinity, Enabling the advancement of 3-Dimensional Mathematics for a future generation of innovators..

Quantified Infinity is the process that will change the way everyone operates in technology, and in mathematical operations, simply because it closes the gap between Ordered "Linear" mathematical Operations, and "Non-Linear" mathematical operations (Order & Chaos) by bonding them together into a single viable package..

I wonder how many of you out there are tired of working on a theses that will (when you graduate) get you a job at the nearest burger flipping joint?

In all honesty, Any degree today, is in high competition with many others (a huge number of them not even from the USA) so what makes you think that being able to regurgitate someone else's ideas, someone else's curriculum will get you that "prime job" you have gone into debt for?..

Universities are a risk, a risk that we can no longer ignore to face, as the competition for the exact same "dream job" has grown exponentially, to such a degree, that you have almost no hope of acquiring the job you want, but will rather be stuck with another dead end job, and a set of bills from the University, that takes over 20 years to pay off, and cannot be ignored (unless you want your paycheck to be garnished for you)..

No.. this Technological breakthrough, is what will guarantee your ability to moved beyond the old technologies of today, and into a new paradigm of technological and mathematical advancements never seen before by humanity..

Bold words (true), but what do you have to lose? a bill you will be forced to pay for nearly 20 years?, or you can just get used to being "second best" and struggling to advanced antiquated notions of technology methodologies, and mathematical concepts that have not changed for centuries..

Your choice..

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