Budd Hopkins Under ET DisInfo Attack By Paratopia

  • Uploaded by Ghost32 on Mar 11, 2011
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Budd Hopkins and Linda Cortile have recently been subjected to a new and heavy barrage of baseless, and viciously personal, debunking attacks orchestrated by Hopkins' ex-wife Carol Rainey. Carol's efforts have been supported and encouraged by Jeremy Vaeni and Jeff Ritzman of Paratopia who have dedicated multiple radio shows to sowing doubt, hate and suspicion about Hopkins and Cortile through the use of hearsay, omission, lack of fact checking and ridicule. Budd's health is extremely fragile and he is dying, which makes the timing of these baseless attacks all the more sickening. To prove the invalidity of all the attacks and inaccurate statements being launched against Budd Hopkins and Linda Cortile by Carol Rainey, Jeff Ritzman, Jeremy Vaeni, Paratopia and various other Internet radio shows and individuals, I have constructed a detailed, well referenced, point by point analysis and rebuttal of Carol Rainey's article Priests of high strangeness: co-creation of the "alien abduction" phenomenon; as well as addressing and disproving the various other statements that have been made by Carol and others to hurt or discredit Hopkins and Linda Cortile. I hope you appreciate these facts, and most importantly, I hope this important information will help you make up your own mind about this unfortunate set of circumstances.

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