JAPAN RADIATION ALERT! Thousands flee leak zone

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JAPAN RADIATION ALERT! Thousands FLEE LEAK ZONE! It WILL follow the jet stream eastward!

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Nuclear Reactor in meltdown.. right now.. 3/11/11 750pm CST


from one of my subscribers:


and from a commenter

" this is the worst case scenario accident for a nuclear plant, it's called a loss of coolant accident (LOCA) and the mission statement at the plant I work at is the three C's, control, cool, contain, that is control the reaction, cool the fuel, contain the radioactivity. They are having cooling problems and the pressure is rising, that pressure CANNOT rise. If you google LOCA or loss of coolant (which MSM is leaving out of their reports or people would freak) will show you why that pressure cannot rise. "

ANYONE down wind from Japan should be concerned.. unfortunately... the UNITED STATES is down wind from Japan.

We have 3 days if it leaks before it gets here to the west coast or Canada.


much love in these times

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