Dead Torah is the Scripture or Milk for the babies

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Dead Torah is the Scripture or Milk for the babies that is a poison needed no more. This is the Age of living Christs of Living God, the Father of our souls. Salvation is to our souls and not the body. Written Torah or scriptures are for the past babies of the Temple Priests who used to feed them through Teaching and in this Age of Christ, we seek Meat, the Gospel. For Gospel to Brew, you need a new skin Free of the old wine as Jesus demonstrated at Cana when the stone Vats, physical body, was flushed out of the old wine before filling them with the fresh water, child-like clean heart, and converting it into the New Wine. So, if you get drunk with the old wine of letters, then you will not desire the New Wine of Gospel. Jesus could not preach Gospel effectively among the Jews as they were drunk with the Old Wine of the Torah and called Jesus a heretic whereas the Samaritan Woman at the well, St.Photina, being of spirit valued the Gem as a Prophet. So, Salvation is of the Samaritans who are healthy and not of the Jews who are spiritually sick or even dead people. So, wake up and seek Gospel from the Gnostic Gospels that are not corrupted so much. Jesus had Labourers for the Vineyard of our Father and no Disciples like those of John, the Baptist, Disciples pray like the babies in the Temple whilst the Labourers ponder over His Word that has been delivered by Christ Jesus.

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