Hessdalen Light Phenomenon

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Hessdalen is a small remote village in Norway that has experienced, and continues to experience light phenomenon (many different 'types' of light phenomenon) and also what could be called UFO activity.


The lights became known back in 1984 and were extremely active for many years. Since then the observations have diminished but still tend to occur every few months.

Hessdalen is the only know site on the planet that has a 24/7 observation facility for monitoring and assessing this extraordinary phenomenon, paid for by public support (our support) and a Norwegian University. Scientists from around the world come here to learn about the phenomenon. It is this kind of open-minded international scientific collaboration that the world needs; to delve into the unknown and use science to discern what it is we are observing.

If you were to ask me what the lights are I can't give one theory but many. I would say that some of the observations imply some kind of portal that allows for speedy travel from a distant point. Or could these objects, some of which move with intelligence, be us from our future? Lastly I wonder if the observations (lights only) are reactions between the ambient energy all around us and the mineral deposits in the region. I'm unsure of whether the observations of UFO phenomenon are real or imagined. But if locals are truthful and observing with neutrality I would say that there is no doubt that the light phenomenon is used as a tool (or even fuel or transport) or even created by these intelligent craft/people in some way.

More attention needs to be placed on this phenomenon world-wide. Unfortunately the scientific establishment, for the most part, ignores such findings. Are scientists afraid of being associated to such things, even if they are real and concrete? Have we become so rigid in our thinking that true scientific evaluation, testing and expansion of our understanding of our planet and universe can only occur if it doesn’t undermine ones career? Only individuals with the inner strength and determination can help to break us out of the restricted boundaries that continue to inhibit humankind’s advancement. Unfortunately, the rigid thinking of many institutions and establishments, profit-oriented corporate objectives, and government lethargy and indifference will continue to keep us in a stranglehold as long as people remain apathetic and indifferent. You and I have to make the change and lead corporations, and institutions, governments. After all, they are not only defined by us, they ARE us.

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