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Here's EXACTLY whats wrong with the world


  • Tmculley#

    Tmculley March 18, 2011 9:21:00 AM CET

    This vegetable is talking to the camera...if she has a 'God' surely he doesn't need a camera to recieve thanks. Human race is not the cancer on Earth, religion is...all these 'good' people masquerading as the faithful, when they've peddled more hate and murder over this planet for the last two thousand years!!

  • Sebjkd#

    Sebjkd March 15, 2011 2:47:26 PM CET

    Do you realise that you'r happy that over 17 000 people died in one day . Not kool mam. I understand your point of view , but you should be carefull about word spreading or how the way you tell it. HUMAN RACE IS A CANCER TO MOTHER EARTH 'CAUSE HE'S NOT LIVING IN HARMONY WITH THE ECOSYSTEM.

  • Kuergun#

    Kuergun March 15, 2011 11:08:27 AM CET

    remember God made this woman so much for Go!! ehhh

  • Jayson1972#

    Jayson1972 March 15, 2011 8:02:10 AM CET

    What a fucking nut bag. This idiot in the video thinks it is a wonderful thing that happened to Japan. Well like she said America is fucked if "shakes them and wakes them up" What a idiot.Not you evildweeb, unless that is you in the video. lol

  • Mrralleycat#

    Mrralleycat March 15, 2011 12:36:27 AM CET

    "Here's EXACTLY Whats Wrong With The World" I couldn't agree more :(

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