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A Trip To The Moon / Le Voyage Dans La Lune - 1902

  • Uploaded by Ghost32 on Mar 16, 2011
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A Trip to the Moon (French: Le Voyage dans la lune) is a 1902 French black and white silent science fiction film. It is loosely based on two popular novels of the time: From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne and The First Men in the Moon by H. G. Wells
The film was written and directed by Georges Méliès, assisted by his brother Gaston. The film runs 14 minutes if projected at 16 frames per second, which was the standard frame rate at the time the film was produced. It was extremely popular at the time of its release and is the best-known of the hundreds of fantasy films made by Méliès. A Trip to the Moon is the first science fiction film, and utilizes innovative animation and special effects, including the iconic shot of the rocketship landing in the moon's eye

t was named one of the 100 greatest films of the 20th century by The Village Voice, ranking in

This Version features a Soundtrack by Erich Wolfgang Korngold & Laurence Rosenthal

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