Father Pamphlet: Salvation or Peaceful living in t

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Father Pamphlet: Salvation or Peaceful living in the Kingdom of Heaven is through Gospel Truth - 4. SALVATION IS THROUGH GOSPEL TRUTH
We should Preach Gospel Truth but while propagating the political policy, one may act according to the general Policy of tit-for-tat. So, according to this worldly Policy, you can repulse the attacking party for safe guarding your rights instead of presenting the other cheek. But care should be taken that if some one is a saltless and shameless person, then you too should not pay him in the same coins and become like him. If the enemy or the aggressor does not listen to reasons, then before you pay him in the same coins, explain the Truth to him before attacking him. That is, you should accuse the person for his wrong doing before sorting him up. For example, in the capacity of a Hindu, unless I can prove that the other person is not a Hindu or conceals his tribal identity knowingly, I cannot attack him. That is, the enemies of Hindus, the sons of Man, the Wheat Plants, are the non-Hindus who conceal their tribal identity knowingly to become the sons of Satan or the Tares.

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