Impasse With EU Now Calling For Peaceful Mass Acti

  • Uploaded by Rcoones on Mar 18, 2011
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"Ladies and Gentlemen, We have reached Impasse. Either we rise like the courageous Egyptians..followed by the long quiesent people defying State Bullies. We should be filling the streets with too patient British people finally aroused like the Egyptians forcing the parliament and the Governement to quit the German controlled European Union now, there is not a second to lose."

". Now the time is ripe calling for mass action...peaceful mass action to obtain the necessary changes to restore our country. No weapons are needed..just the quiet insistence of us all" Harry Beckhough

noun \ˈim-ˌpas, im-ˈ\

a: a predicament affording no obvious escape b: deadlock

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