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G-20 Trial Goes Sideways

The set up

Two police cars are driven into the mist of a group of people.
The cops leave the cars unlocked.
Idiots start playing with the cars, flicking switches and giving commands over the PA "car 54 where are you" and stuff like that.
This goes on for 30 mins until undercover personal dressed as "Black Block" members trash the cars, windows, lights so on.
They leave and people keep playing with the wrecks.
This stoner comes along and throws a piece of burning paper into the car.
People around him call him a a-hole and other people start showing up to watch the fire.
MSM shows up and flashes G-20 Riots around the world.

Net Results
Canadian Tax Payers shells out 1 Billion dollars to host G-20 summit.

Chinese Leader tells rest of G-20, Ya right kiss my ass.

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