Father Pamphlet: Third Panth or Community of Khals

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Father Pamphlet: Third Panth or Community of Khalsas, Puritans and Fourth of Apostles - 7. SALVATION IS THROUGH GOSPEL TRUTH
We should Preach Gospel Truth but while propagating the political policy, one may act according to the general Policy of tit-for-tat. So, according to this worldly Policy, you can repulse the attacking party for safe guarding your rights instead of presenting the other cheek. But care should be taken that if some one is a saltless and shameless person, then you too should not pay him in the same coins and become like him. If the enemy or the aggressor does not listen to reasons, then before you pay him in the same coins, explain the Truth to him before attacking him. That is, you should accuse the person for his wrong doing before sorting him up. For example, in the capacity of a Hindu, unless I can prove that the other person is not a Hindu or conceals his tribal identity knowingly, I cannot attack him. That is, the enemies of Hindus, the sons of Man, the Wheat Plants, are the non-Hindus who conceal their tribal identity knowingly to become the sons of Satan or the Tares. And in the capacity of a Sikh, Christian or a Muslim, the members of the Second Communities, one has to expose the hypocrisy of the infidels or Kafirs in order to safe guard the interests of the True Devotees of Christ Jesus, Satguru Nanak, etc. That means, the Labourers of Christ Jesus should not sit quiet and let the hypocrite loot the house of Christ Jesus or Satguru Nanak Dev Ji. Whoso aggressor is, we are to protect ourselves and our Places of Worship by exposing the hypocrisy through Gospel Truth. For example, the Gospel Truth is that you cannot serve Mammon and God but you find these Dog-Collared Priests defending their secular jobs by proclaiming that a labourer is worth his wage. That is correct and if you work for Mammon, then you are paid your wages in Mammon and if you work for God, then you do not get paid in Mammon but in Gospel Treasures that rest in your heart. In such a way, we should expose these supper hypocrites fleecing or turning stones, the simple-minded people, into bread in the name of our anointed elder Brother Christ Jesus. This way, we tend to safe-guard the Churches devoted to Christ Jesus and His Labourers. In case, we find the situation aggressive to our logical reasoning, then the best way is to wiggle your way through instead of getting beaten by the fanatics. This thing will rarely happen in the West but more in the East. That is, why Christ Jesus stressed that although the Lightening, the Source of this Gospel Truth is East, strikes in the East and flashes towards the West, that the people of the West would appreciate this Gospel Truth, so shall be the coming Son of Man and that was Christ or Satguru Nanak Dev Ji. In the capacity of a Khalsa, Puritan, you wage a war against the injustices of the aggressors who do not listen to the logical reasoning and/or are Saltless bastards, sons of Satan. That is, why Royal King Gobind Singh Ji had an Army of Philanthropist Warriors, who had given their lives or heads to fight against the aggressions. But to-day, there is hardly any True Khalsa but the fake super Donkeys putting on the Blue uniform of the Khalsa but residing in their family or tribal homes. A True Khalsa is dedicated to Philanthropy and any one who proclaims to be a Khalsa but he is involved in secular business or life, is a fake Donkey Khalsa. At present, never mind of the Third Khalsa Panth, even they hate to qualify for the First Hindu Panth or Samaj. Almost all people of India especially of the Punjab by proclaiming the religious communities Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, etc as their tribes become non-Hindus or spiritual Bastards, the sons of Satan. How then such fanatics would enter into the Second Sikh, Third Khalsa or the Fourth Nirmallae Santan or Apostolic community? Greatest of all hypocrites proclaim to be human being and put on the orange coloured dress of Sadhus to make fool of the spiritually blind public not knowing that in God it is the conscience that bears fruit. When sectarian riots happen, then they act as their Ring Leaders to see that people of the same country and tribe kill each other. They themselves had a good life and people worshipped them as they did to Lala Gandhi, the creator of Pakistan and the subsequent Bloodshed. Most people think of him as a holy man very meek and humble but look at the Fruit of his hypocrisy?

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