Pheromones Cologne for Men

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Pheromones Cologne for Men

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Pheromones for men
There is no question that men have gradually become more fashion-conscious this decade and for good reason. Terms to describe this new type of male, many of whom are urban, were created, such as the word metrosexual -- a word (one that grates some us!) most of us have probably heard by now unless you've been living in the mountains or a desert somewhere with no electricity. There is no shame in caring about your appearance, provided you don't care about it obsessively. In which case, you may give off a vibe of vanity and self-conceit. But there's more: some men have been wearing cologne for awhile, albeit perhaps not to the same degree or in as many numbers as women. Yet, a new wave of men has joined the existing group of cologne-wearers, and they're wearing a particular kind of cologne. It's pheromone cologne for men.

You've probably heard of pheromones before in your biology class in high school. If you'll recall, pheromone is a chemical agent animals produce that creates a psychological response or behavior in members belonging to the opposite sex. Scientists classify several types of pheromones, but the three most common found in the animal kingdom are pheromones that signal food, pheromones that serve as an alarm for danger, and pheromones that signal that an animal is ready to mate. As you would imagine, the creators of pheromone cologne for men probably didn't have in mind cologne that would warn women of fear (unless you are highly objectionable) or signal that you are hungry (not for food, that is!), but rather would attract women to men who wear them.

So does pheromone cologne for men work? Before we answer that question, it's worth noting that you have natural pheromones in your body. And it's at a spot we usually don't associate sexual attraction with (unless strange things appeal to you). Yes, pheromones are found right there under your armpit. Of course, you shouldn't go skipping a day of wearing deodorant now! You wouldn't attract any females at all. At the same time, however, these pheromones do provoke a response in females, according to Swedish researchers in 2006 and is backed by evidential support in the science community. So rather than liberating yourself from your deodorant to give off pheromones, why not try pheromone cologne for men instead? You'll avoid the stink but get a woman's blink.

In summary, it's a struggle to keep up with fashion and style in modern Western society since it changes so rapidly. And nowhere is this as evident as in men's fashion. Some men have always worn cologne, but a new group has joined them because of the pheromone contained in certain kinds. Pheromones are chemical agents that are able to attract or send messages to the opposite sex. For this reason, pheromone cologne for men is starting to receive attention from men looking for new ways to attract women. Because pheromones provoke a response in women, it's a sensible idea to explore.

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