6th Gen. Type-A Video Using QI in Project: TLG

  • Uploaded by Stratafire on Mar 20, 2011
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This is a cheap video using "Muse" track "Uprising" for background noise, as the "snapshots" of the information are being cycled through..

It represents a "refined" rendition of the Quantified Infinity of 3d-Mathematics, using as the "core" bases for it's existence, the processes of QI itself..

These are done using Project: Through--The--Looking--Glass (TLG) (later version of 6th Gen. Type-A) which is pushing the boundaries of "ALL" known science, mathematics, and innovations, and can only be produced as a "snapshot" process at this juncture in technological capacities..

Holographic "systems" using dimensional representations (through QI) as represented by 3d-mathematical operations, leads to "omnidirectional mathematics (ODM)

What you see is already existing in an "alpha" state, and is a future "goal" of the process of QI applications..

I am trying to impress upon you, that going through standard channels of education nowadays, will only net a very few, "the" job that they wanted, the rest will be able to place that golden plaque on the wall, and go to their job flipping "hamburgers" just to pay the interests on the loans that are "forever" on their record until paid off (20+ years)

Understand QI, and innovations in "any" direction, become possible to "ALL", not just to the selected few of higher education

(Just what TPTB do not want to happen, you managing to gain control of your life, and pursuit of what you decide to do)

As the math complexities falls away, so shall the apprehensions and confusions one has been battered with for many in this world..

Hope you are willing to learn QI..


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