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Spill cleanup workers DYING - this is sad


So much for "human interest" stories in the mainstream, eh?


People who helped clean up Gulf oil spill are dying! BP denying responsibiliy

Uploaded by jmrexford on Feb 21, 2011

These are personnal videos recorded by me of myself and fellow coworkers who are suffering. my email for pay apll if you can help mt number is 850-358-7065 — You won't see this in national headlines! Jennifer Rexford, a BP-hired oil spill cleanup worker has been documenting her condition that is getting worse by the day. Filming herself and her coworkers, all American workers, all are DYING and BP is NOT taking responsibility!

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  • Jmrexford#

    Jmrexford March 24, 2011 4:23:17 AM CET

    Thank you I am also tried to go home to the Colorado springs to relocate this is the site that is trying to help please spread this jennifer rexford for scutiny reasons my chip in was shut down the organization that is trying to help me get relocated and the people that are sick help is Please non profit org that has a 501c3 will help us pack and will be here tomorrow all donations are tx decutable thank you everyone for your support for the people that tried to save our beach and lied to I am greatfull to you all Peace and love and unity Jennifer Rexford

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