UKIP Spring Conference 2011 complete PART 2/7

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For those that couldn't get to Scarborough for the 2011 UKIP SPRING Conference, here it is complete. Filmed by an attendee, the video is in 7x 1/2 hour parts and in all lasts 31/2 hours. Chairman Steve Allison:
Part 1- Jane Collins Tom Booker Michael Heaver (Young Independents)
Part 2- William Darmouth MEP (AV voting) Peter Adams (Scotland)
Part 3 - Jon Arnott (Nth Ireland) June Nesbit (police constable) John Gaunt (referendum campaign)
Part 4- Nigel Farage MEP Paul Nuttall
Part 5- Richard Brewer ( Yorkshire Fisherman) Peter Reeves Steve Povey (Elections and Manifesto) Reg Davis and Ian.
Part 6 - Godfrey Bloom MEP Steven Woolfe (City Under Threat)
Part 7 - Lord Christopher Monckto

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