Jason Martell: MUFON LA Convention Speaker (Full)

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Jason Martell recently garnered worldwide attention by recreating a working model of one of science's most prolific mysteries -- the "Baghdad Battery." Residing in the National Museum of Iraq, the discovery of this 2,000 year old device suggests the modern day battery was not invented in 1800 by Count Alassandro Volt, but was invented almost two centuries earlier. Mr. Martell's recreation was instrumental in proving the Baghdad Battery was capable of generating current.

All the ancient cultures speak of a time when they had a connection with beings not from earth, beings that were both spiritually and technologically more advanced than we are. Lecturing throughout the world, Mr. Martell has dedicated his studies to ancient artifacts and the Sumerian culture by using the latest in scientific research, supporting evidence and data. He corroborates his findings with principal scholars such as Zecharia Sitchin and Naval astronomer, Dr. Robert Harrington. Mr. Martell holds regular discussions with NASA scientists on the subject of Planet X, Ancient Astronauts and the structures on Mars.

For over 15 years, Mr. Jason Martell has been one of the leading researchers and lecturers specializing in ancient civilization technologies. Mr. Martell's research has been featured worldwide on numerous television and radio networks such as The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, Sci-Fi Channel, the BBC and others.

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