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Donald Trump Admits To Being 'Birther', Says Obama

  • Kanaeta
  • uploaded: Mar 24, 2011
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Donald Trump Admits To Being 'Birther', Says Obama is 'Hiding Something' (3_23_11)

Skip to 5:30. This morning on 'The View', Donald Trump was asked whether or not he believes Obama was born in this country. Instead of answering the question Trump insisted that Obama needs to show his birth certificate, then said that 'there is something on that birth certificate he doesn't want to show'.

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  • Humtone#

    Humtone March 27, 2011 4:33:16 AM CEST

    Obama's birth certificate was supposedly certified as authentic by an independent document authentication company years ago, but maybe he's fooling everybody. Seems like a lot to go through. I didn't vote for the guy anyway...

  • Zzzzleper#

    Zzzzleper March 25, 2011 12:25:37 PM CET

    @Swbuch. Most former presidents come from far-travelled urbane families. Nobody forced them to show a birth certificate.

  • Swbuch#

    Swbuch March 25, 2011 9:41:08 AM CET

    If Obama has nothing to hide why not show his birth certificate? if for no other reason than to shut all these people up about it.

  • Zzzzleper#

    Zzzzleper March 24, 2011 8:55:11 PM CET

    I doubt any former president had to show his birth certificate...Trump is obviously a bigoted man, overstrung and totally uncool..

  • Windtalker86#

    Windtalker86 March 24, 2011 3:45:54 PM CET

    Trumps a cool dude, i don't mind him. but hes right about Obama, he's hiding something. its clear that no matter what was said Whoopie was to defend Obama n do so while seeming offended as if asking for a birth certificate is racist, referring to the point no one asked for bush's certificate. well bush was an all American idiot, he was clearly born there no other country would be proud to have him nor were the Americans lol Trumps right Obama needs to show the certificate and we'll all see hes from Africa, i'm going to say probably Libya lol. but anyway that entire show is just condition for women so they think that cause these women have got themselves a show n seemingly respected positions in the public eye, that they're intelligent women. that is not the case, these women are the exact example of "sheeple" they will defend without exception everything their government says and does, and go on to justify it aswell. im gonna say the womens rights movement fucked alot up, they dont need equal rights, just "fair rights" they all lack the ability to believe that theres a darker sinister side to things, they're gullible. So when half of the population is women and they are gullible your gonna make sure your lie sells to them first cause they'll help ensure the male population believes the lie too, or he'll be frowned upon and get no pus*y so to say. And these view bitches really bother me, thats why there was this rant. anyway, Peace B With U

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