Father Pamphlet-9: Four spiritual states; Four are

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Father Pamphlet-9: Four spiritual states; Four are the religious communities. SALVATION IS THROUGH GOSPEL TRUTH
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On the basis of these Four spiritual states, we have four types of people or four religious communities that they attend. The First community, Samaaj, Millatt or Panth Hindu, Abrahimi Millat, etc deals with the morality and here the children or the once-born are taught the moral laws to remain the sons of their tribal fathers, the Wheat Plants, for dignity. Moral laws with roots in His Word are in the Scriptures that are corruptible. The Second Sikh, Christ, etc, who are normally twice-born ponder over His Word and the Roving Preachers, the Royal Priests, visit their places of worship to encourage them in their efforts to become the sons of God. As His Word is received through revelations or intuition only, it cannot be written down in ink on paper or is corruptible. After learning the moral laws and knowing our Father in spirit, then the person could serve our Father in two ways. One to become the Soldier of His Army to fight against the aggressions in society through sword power and the other is to use the Double-Edged Sword of His Word to make the aggressors surrender to His Will and mercy. This Third Panth requires the Sacrifice of head or one’s life, only men are accepted in this Panth. The last Panth or community is of the Royal Roving Priests who devote their lives for Preaching Gospel. Here the people of both sexes can Preach Gospel. They do not carry weapons but could render help to the people of Third Community by joining their ranks temporarily. Same way, Khalsas are expected to protect both the secular and the spiritual people through sword power.

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