Father Pamphlet-12: Graphical representation of th

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Father Pamphlet-12: Graphical representation of the Four communities for Salvation. SALVATION IS THROUGH GOSPEL TRUTH
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3. Those Sikh, Christ, Muslim, etc who remain the victims of the Five Temptations of the heart, immorality, anger, greed, worldly possessions and pride of the religious Book knowledge, they cannot join the Third Community or Panth of the Khalsas or Puritans. When such a hypocrite is in secular world as a ruler, then he is called a Cruel person. These hypocrites, called KORRIYAAR, in Punjabi, Munaafic, etc are enemies of the Philanthropists. Bishops, MASANDS in India belong to these people. Greedy people and those who disgrace others especially women belong to this group. Those Sikhs, Christs, Muslims, etc who through His Word have overpowered the Five Temptations of the mind, MUNN or NAFS, which are immorality, anger, greed, worldly possessions, pride of the Book knowledge as Jewish people display, they can join the Third Community of Philanthropists called Khalsa in Punjabi, Puritans and Moomin in Arabic. Such people are sealed to serve God. In secular world, these people are called Wise men or led by holy ghost. About these people a saying, “Hundred of solitary wise men have one opinion whilst the once-born natural men have many opinions”. Their religious Duty is to earn Philanthropy called spiritual rule. This is also called the “Light” that Christ Jesus brought to us.

4. Those Khalsas, Puritans, etc who are proud of their own wisdom and impose their own wills upon others, such people cannot join the Fourth Community of Apostles. Such proud people are enemy of the Apostles, Aarif, Saints, etc. They under the excuse of Sharia or the moral laws torture and kill them. Remember that the Apostles, Saints, Aarifs, etc being the Freemen are not bound by the man-made moral laws - Nangae (naked) Sadhus stress this point to the extreme. Typical examples are the treatment rendered to Shah Mansoor, Shamash, Tabraez and Sarmand Sahib in the East or India. In principle, the people of the higher community should put the people of lower community right and this interference should be just and for the good of community. Evil domination is of the Satan as demonstrated by the Pope by killing critics. Messianic Jews fulfilled Matt.12.v43-45. Those Khalsas, Puritans, etc who are successful in overpowering their worldly wisdom and submit themselves to the Will of our Father, they are entitled to join the Fourth Community of Aarifs, Apostles who ponder over His Word in Fellowships or SATTSUNG. In this spiritual Stage, they are like the True Brethren exercising Philo. Although up to the first three communities, people are identified through their tribal births, yet the tribal selves are explicitly important in the first community and implicitly in the second and the third communities for mind, MUNN and wisdom, BUDHI respectively as they are concerned with His Word. Soul has no secular identity but the spiritual known by the Fruit the person bears. Tribal identity is restricted to the once-born people. The Duty of the people of this Community is to Preach Gospel or to ply the Double-edged Sword of His Word. They are sealed to serve God and like a good Shepherd, they will die for their Sheep. They happily present themselves as the Lamb of our Father. Once-born people and their jealous Priests kill them.
What is the Reward for Perfection? This Christ Jesus Presented as the Wage to His Hired Labourers at Pentecost, the Very Spirit of our Father, “Holy Spirit”, same to each.
Reward is Great but we receive it by the Grace of our Father. All the Twelve Workers became Twin-Brethren of Christ Jesus, our anointed Elder Brother.
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