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Peter Joseph the dictator is scared of ANTI-TZM Bl


  • Onthedot#

    Onthedot April 2, 2011 1:44:24 PM CEST

    Look dude.I'm gonna comment and appeal to your common sence this time.You bet, he's scared. You would be scared too.Look at our history. ANYONE who has ever challenged our system has been killed, rediculed or threathened.You're so indoctrinated and narrowminded in your thinking, that you cannot see or fathom ANY other system. You feel Threatened by new ideas and attack ANYONE, who challenges your institutionalized belief system.I see people getting laid off everyday. Foreclosures and unemployment WORLDWIDE are skyrocketing.There are constant wars to retain and secure resources to increase profit. We use words such as humanitarian aid and democracy to obscure the real objectives, but you know as well as I, the real nature of the conflicts.We are living in a fucked up system and you simply don't see it. It truly saddens me, that you cannot see, whats happening in the world, are fucked up beyond all recognition.Peter Joseph is the spokesperson for a movement, that are fucking tired of the system and recognizes, that we need to change our destructive way of living.We have only one planet with finite resources to live on and we're seriously fucking it up.Please..Do some serious research..Try to think outside the box. The system we have does NOT benefit humanity or our fragile planet. I sincerely hope, that you'll wake up soon.

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