Arrogant Messianic Jews still praise their Yahweh

  • Uploaded by Nijjhar on Mar 28, 2011
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Arrogant Messianic Jews still praise their Yahweh the demiurge god of Natural man. This Saturday, I went to a Messianic Jews service at South of Reading Christian Fellowship and over there some one bring in the Old Bibles and their history. As you know, the Bible is more of the Jewish written Torah, etc than the New Testament. Torah is the Scripture that were corrupted - old cloth developing holes - and rejected by Christ Jesus as the Jewish Leaven. Scriptures are for the Priests whilst we in Jesus are the Royal Priests even greater than Prophet Elijah, John, the Baptist. So, these Messianic Jews corrupted the Church, expelled and later on Killed them at stake or by feeding to the lions, etc. After creating Darkness, they were happy as proclaimed by John that Light came among his own people of Judah tribe and they hated light and loved Darkness fulfilling Matt.12.43-45 making the situation worse than before the arrival of Christ Jesus. In Jesus, we do not need any middle man but we need to be solitary in order to enter into the Royal Kingdom of God through that Narrow Gate meant for the solitary. So, it is pity that after so many Holocausts and deaths, these Messianic Jews still love Darkness to Light and openly proclaim that Messiah has not come yet but sing the songs of Christ Jesus as their Lord and God. It is in honour of Christ Jesus that the Middle Candle of seven-candled Menorah is raised above all the other six but these Messiabic Jews keep all the seven candles at par as if Christ has not come. They are hypocrites with ears full of the wax of the Old Testament.

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