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The Enigmatic Solid State Gravity Box

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The Enigmatic Solid State Gravity Box

An anonymous individual referring to himself only as "S.F." has posted a series of videos detailing experiments performed on a gravity defying black box along with propulsion characteristics. He claims that it violates Newton's laws producing action without reaction!

by Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

Internet videos of devices claimed to break the laws of physics are pretty common these days. However, once in a while one comes along that makes you look twice. An anonymous individual identifying himself only with the initials "S.F." has posted a series of enigmatic videos of a very curious black box. During the video, tests are performed on this black box and a voice over describes the technology. Please visit the following link to view all the videos and click on the embedded video below to watch the overview. http://xqzv.123video.nl

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  • Fliegezeug#

    Fliegezeug April 1, 2011 8:16:29 PM CEST

    That was very diplomatic, I liked it!

  • Boblazar#

    Boblazar March 29, 2011 1:55:39 AM CEST

    Help.......You need it

  • Exsplendesco#
  • X-mog#

    X-mog March 28, 2011 12:28:45 PM CEST

    This is the most immature prank I've seen in a fortnight. However, since we're on the subject, I am going to share with all the sheep and wolves the prophecy of the 21st century. One day in the not too distant future, a team of researcher's will invent the PTL; the portable toxicology laboritory. Big franchises better hope it doesn't happen before illegal substance shows up on their subpoena. Now you might think this is a fart in the wind but, this device will have a greater effect than any other invention up to it's time. No longer will humanity wonder what is in their coffee, their tap water, their blood, their food, their medicine, etc. It will revolutionize all societies and render healthcare obsolete. That is strength boy, that is power. This is what happens when you try to break a camels back.

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