UFOs were seen and recorded overRotterdam 26/3/11

2 UFOs were seen and recorded over Rotterdam, Netherlands 26-Mar-2011
UFO video 2011 - This footage of two stationary flashing lights in the sky over Rotterdam in Netherlands was recorded on Saturday, 26th March 2011 around 7:35 pm.

Witness report: I captured these 2 UFO's on 26 march 2011 it was about 7:35 P.M. .. I was about to close my curtains when I suddenly saw 3 bright objects in a triangle shaped position, I was observing them for 2 minutes before I started filming.

When I started filming the 3th object that was above these 2 disappeared, the other 2 stayed for a couple of minutes before they also disappeared.
The lights where much brighter then they appear in this video.

At one moment they move in and hover above eachother like they are interacting or something.
Also they where flying very low, just above the trees as you can see in the video.

Please watch the whole video, I will zoom out sometimes to give you guys a better view.

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