Fox News: UFO Sighting Lafayette Colorado 2011

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"A man in Lafayette shot some video this week that he thinks may show some UFOs in the sky over Boulder County.

Leroy Vandervegt's son, Nick, saw three red objects in a kind of triangular formation Monday night (March 21) **ok but the guys video says March 20** at about 8:30, so Leroy got out his video camera and shot them to record what the both of them were seeing.

"I don't know what they are," Leroy Vandervegt told the Boulder Daily Camera. "All I know is that I had no idea what it is. It wasn't a satellite; it wasn't an airplane; and it wasn't a helicopter."

He says the three lights moved slowly and they didn't blink. They stayed in a triangular formation, but the shape of the triangle changed.

Officials at Denver International Airport didn't have any comment about the lights.

A spokesperson for the Federal Aviation Administration says his staff didn't see anything out of the ordinary that night."

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