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All tragedies of recent memory, from Waco to COlumbine to Katrina to Haiti To 9-11 to Columbia Space SHuttle when plotted have the same signature when examining the coordinates, dates and fatalities. Plot these points on a map and a design comes into view that has only three points left. One of the points is Yellowstone, with coordinates that match the date. This eruption will kill everyone within 600 miles instantly, crippling the country. There will no method of escaping after Monday. This is no April Fools or crackpot theory. Look at the evidence and listen to your inner voice. Then leave the country!

Because those living in the USA have turned a blind eye to blatant signs offered all willing to notice them (evidence 9-11 was staged meaning wars that follow was slaughter of innocents, bank bailouts and guilty going free, worship of money and fame) are deemed guilty by association or negligence. This is why Modern Day Egypt and all within will be sacrificed on a ritualistic alter that has been plotted in massacres over the last two decades. Pride interfers with a rational mind and prevents the logical part of the brain to accept the truth, because to accept the truth also means you must accept the fact you have been deceived for most of your life.

But it can all change for you right now if you simply get on a plane and fly as far from the USA as possible. Do not allow others to keep you here - even if it is motivated out of love, there are chains to your fate of death.

That is why they call it FREEDOM ... It's FREE - DOOM. I can only show you the door ... it is up to you to choose if you walk through it or not.

There will be no warning, so do not wait for one. Leave by SUnday, April 3rd or join the other lambs in the sacrifice.

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