Triangle UFO ? Hovers Over Brighton UK !

  • Uploaded by Crunchy on Mar 31, 2011
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this has now been exposed for what it actually is on youtube .....

the user that posted this had no idea or any connection to my experiment
he is innocent but perhaps a little to accepting of this footage.

what we have here is 3 cranes with red lights on top,they have been in my town for months...

this was a posted as a psychological test to see how many people would just accept this as a ufo without examining the video more closely ....

after 7,700+ views on youtube and 6 pages of comments (mostly believers)
someone finnaly figured it out
mainly because they live or work in brighton ......
if you look carefully you can actually see part of one of the cranes

it was always my intention to expose this next week ....but it lasted 5 days ... but my experiment still succeeded..... sorry for decieving people it was not done with any malicious intent.

this video managed to get into my local paper :D
worringly they portrayed it as a ufo
when they damn well knew what it was
see this forum post for link

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