A star of EL. Revealing the Glory of GOD and JC.

  • Uploaded by Gazelem on Apr 1, 2011
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Greetings dear brothers and sisters, the video you are about to see is the second video of the mysterious star that i filmed through my telescope. I think it may be one of the stars in orion, below the belt. There are many depictions in it, as there are in the first video, called "A picture framed star of EL", and the depictions are indeed glorifiction of GOD, EL, and JC. To see the Glory of GOD, watch the video with an open mind, and when you see that which is there, you will see that GOD is indeed in this creation, and his Glory is throughout all of creation. Those of you with eyes that see, behold! The Lord is marvelous in his works, for what man could do such things in the way that this art is created?

(Things i have said about this video in an earlier post.)

"This face when you see it, looks like that description of God that many people imagine, an ELderly white haired and white bearded benevolent fatherly face."

(Another face)

"There is a face in the T.V, the face is a beige colour, and has large oval shaped eyes, one purpley red and one yellowy green, hes looking out of the T.V screen :O)" (This face can be seen at the end of the video.)

There are several times JC appears fairly clear to the eye, i have pointed out a couple, but there are more instances. Try to spot the red J that looks like an arm, and the blue C.

At the start of the second playing of the messiah, the hallELuyah chorus, a face fills the screen, a big blue eye that is clear to see, nostrils where the nose would be, and further down a mouth with redish lips, and above the lips, under the nostrils, a moustache, and in the background and all around, the colour of biege, like unto the colour of flesh of a mans visage. (I believe this face to be of Jesus)

The next face that follows is made up of 2 letters, E and J, these 2 make the face, 2 other letters L and C are in the white area to the right of the face. Both sets of these 2 letters are together, so look closely :) It says EL and JC at the same time.

You can not miss where it says (GOD), i have extracted it for you, by using the clone tool, its there! right in your face, see the reality, GOD is real. EL is an ancient name for GOD, JC are the Initials for JESUS CHRIST, and Jesus is EmmanuEL, meaning GOD with us. There is no need for me to draw you a picture surELy, for GOD himsELf as done it for you, in his Magical wizardlike way.

GOD has thought of everything even unto giving me these visions, so that i may reveal them to you, so that you may see his Glory. Please watch to THE END, see and feEL the power and the Glory of the Lord our GOD.

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