UFO seen over Sweden .6/10

The UFO footage was filmed in June of last year and comes from somewhere in southern Sweden. It was recently uploaded onto the Internet and is surprising UFO enthusiasts across the globe. In this video clip what appears to be a substantial mother-ship type UFO can be seen hovering in the night sky. Some analysts of alien footage have claimed that the vague outline of actual extraterrestrial beings can be seen through what appear to be windows. The object seems to be a multi-storey craft. Colourful lighting can also be seen.
The witnesses are a family: A mother and father with their young daughter. Swedish observers have noted that the commentary by the witnesses sounds genuine and conveys their real sense of wonder regarding the craft they are both filming and watching.
"We now have proof (of alien visitation)" exclaims the child.
Sweden, though not regarded as a UFO hot-spot does get its share of sightings. Recently Sweden declassified its UFO files, making them available for public research.

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