Messianic Jews Killed Jesus, Stephen, James, the J

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Messianic Jews Killed Jesus, Stephen, James, the Just and Jesus' Labourers. The Bible is supposed to contain only the New Testament Parables and not the old testament of the Jews that hindered people to an open mind like the Samaritan Woman at the well who became an Apostle. She was killed by Emperor Nero. Gentile were more spiritual than the Jews and Jews with the stiff necks in the letters of the Torah hated them.
Nowm end of the world is around the corner and we should be expecting Tribulations in which USA and U,K., the Colonies of the Jews or Mammon worshippers, will take active role. All is happening according to the Will of our Father and so please do not worry but joyfully Preach Gospel of our Father. These Dog-collared Hireling Priests of Mammon are anti-Christs turning stones, simpletons, into Bread, their lavish living. You cannot expect Gospel from them but the dead letters of the Bible.

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