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PT4 The Daugther Of Babylon Shall Become Desolate


  • Thenameisclear#

    Thenameisclear April 4, 2011 8:57:10 PM CEST

    The so called white man "i like it"...My brother's will you preach Faith,Love,Truth,honesty and the biggest ONE would be vary easy for me too get a room full of my friends and go 365/7/24..On why shit is fuck you said the white man..........BUT YOU GUYS HAVE FORGOTTEN THE FIRST IMPORTANT RULE OF THEM ALL..Q,5:56 its vary easy too read out of a book with hate,its easy to destroy then too create,We should be working too one beat....but when someone throw's a "cow bell" in a beat were it dosen't belong, shit doesn't work.Assalamu alaikumSurah an-Nur; 4:86

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