HE HAS BEEN USING AUTO-HEMOTHERAPY for more than 50 YEARS, since 1956.

Mario Ramos Moreira, 76 years old - city: Iguaba Grande, state: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Friday, 6th February 2009 - 10:19:00 am
I am in favour, so much so that I have been using auto-hemotherapy for over 53 years, to be more precise from 1956, when, due to several clinical complications, I had a lowering of my immune defences. I then resorted to a famous doctor in the military, former Dr. Herminio de Macedo, who prescribed and applied to me this alternative treatment that re-establishes the immune system, by raising the white blood cells from its normal rate of 5% to 22%, which is a rate stimulated by the application of auto-hemotherapy, without any after effects, since the patient's own blood is injected into the muscle, and it works as a foreign body in the organism and boosts the reticulo-endothelial system, and as a result this clears any other endogenous bodies hosted in our organism, for a variable amount of time, according to the dosage and duration of the treatment! This is a procedure already recognised in Veterinary Medicine, for the excellent results obtained in Jockeys Clubs, both in London and Brazil, in breeding farms and pet clinics. Those who close their minds to research and study of the auto-hemotherapy reveal their ill will and they are against it for obvious reasons. I am 76, healthy and strong! Is this enough to convince? I don't take drugs, I don't smoke, anything that could interfere in the action of the auto-hemotherapy, not that it is forbidden, but it was my own decision, for the best benefit and result from this treatment!





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