Saudi Arabia's Top Exorcist

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Meet Saudi Arabia's Top Exorcist, Sheikh Munir Arab

Sheikh Munir Arab is not like other humans, or at least so he boasts. Sheikh Arab, whose renown has spread across the Arab world, prides himself on his ability to use the Quran to cure ailments that modern medicine is at a loss to treat.

The sheikh, who even launched a website detailing his activities and resume, has a clinic in Saudi Arabia where for 20 years he has been treating the ill and infirm by reading them Quran passages and dispensing holy oil and water which have been sanctified with phrases from the Muslim holy book.

Using this method he succeed in removing a stone from the eye of a girl, in front of cameras, and exorcised "genies" from the bodies of his patients, as he likes to relate.

This time the sheikh glorifies in an unprecedented achievement -- the removal of meters of black cloth knotted into ropes from the womb of a 14-year-old girl, who he says "was possessed by a genie."

In a TV interview for the Lebanese LBC network, which was provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), the sheikh explains how a demon can occupy a human body and speak from within it in the voice of a man, a dog, or even a donkey.

He displays for the audience exactly what he "exorcised" from the girl's body -- as he dumps out a plastic bag full of black cloth ropes.

"Today her mother called me and said the last rope had come out. I will never forget this case -- it is a miracle!" he said.

And what was wrong with the girl? The seasoned healer has no doubts -- "She was possessed by a genie that would sent little notes from within her with messages that she wouldn't marry."

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