Knowing Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill,Japan and Libya

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As if that was not enough to let this movie predict the Mexico Gulf oil spills - if we look closely at this so presupposes the nuclear disaster in Japan, too, and Libya! Combined Disasters: As the clock strikes midnight, it says Japan on the clock. Nicholas Cage says "81" (81 is the international telephone code for Japan). As the clock strikes 12:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m., when does the "Japan".

In news report in the movie someone says that there have been reports of solar flares, which turns the telephone network. Some of the discussion forums says the earthquakes caused solar flares. Report goes on to say about Mexico-Golf accident: "Problems with the cooling system.

Just as in Japan. In the news on 'Knowing' appears helicopters and ships that pouring water on the fire - just like in Japan.

So finally, most freaky is when the clock strikes twelve, when it shows the "M" in the upper left corner, and no "A" for AM. So it turns out to be M = March, 12, Japan.

There is also another piece of the plot which will be released in the scene. It is a book in the background with the title "French Relations". This signals something else that is yet to come? What is "French Relations". Haiti speaks French, like many other countries ... ... ... .. But this is most likely LIBYA.

Check out "666" just above the featured "81" screen, where all the numbers on the paper indicates. 666, just above the number '81

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