HAARP effect - Shown and explained

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4/2/2011 -- HAARP RINGS -- (actually cones) finally EXPLAINED -- a MUST SEE FOR ALL science minds

Uploaded by dutchsinse on Apr 2, 2011

now that ive got a better idea of what we have been observing....we're all going to discuss this.. and either prove or disprove it. i personally feel its proved.. (IMO) but im totally willing to listen to alternative theories.

To anyone questioning or wanting to actually know..

both links below which explain in TECHNICAL DETAIL the so called "haarp ring" (what i have been calling it) phenomenon that we have been witnessing. Rather than a ring.. i believe we are actually witnessing a "cone"....

I say WE , because it is NOT JUST ME.. several of my subscribers, and many others, are sharing in this "laymans discovery".

this does not end the debate yet.. im going to discuss this all with a group of people who are asking for more analysis.. in my opinion... sorry guys, no disrespect...you just are not right on this. YES they use airports.. YES they use radio towers.. YES they use RADAR stations..


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