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40 point plan (new video)


  • Zerofool#

    Zerofool April 10, 2011 3:43:58 AM CEST

    2011,maybe not...But after the culling, prepare yourself to feel like a gramp of nowaday holding a laptop with no skills and a very poor eyesight... New (and or very old i believe, -->antedeluvian*) techs would rain, and if ya want to use em, ya would need their chips, and if you dont obey once chipped, the chip may just turn off... And I dont think a slap on the hand is enough to get back on online in the system...Well all of these are if youre in the 7 or 10% not slit or diseased... I sure got nothing to back these up but hey, sometimes i hate what my pinky says... Those kind of times when I love not being right...

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