Facebook Goes Open Source With New Data Server

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Facebook is back in the game of revolutionizing industries- this time with its new data center in Oregon and a plan called the Open Compute Project, which makes all information about the data center public.

As an anchor for KVUE puts it...

"Facebook is no longer just a social media company, it is also green tech innovator...."

Facebook reported the new data centers are 38% more efficient, using green cooling methods and cutting out design frills to save money. GigaOm says Facebook is continuing a trend among tech companies.

"This is the latest example of how energy-efficient and green data centers are now - a must-have competitive advantage for a leading Internet company. The various energy-efficient innovations that Facebook unveiled today are largely best practices that such companies as Google and Yahoo follow..."

Open Compute Project would allow companies to use Facebook's model and make it their own. But The Register is saying the 'green' aspect of their plan isn't what is going to win over other companies.

"Being green in their data centers is generally not one of their top priorities -- managing their supply chains and inventories, paying their employees, and watching their capital expenditures are. For most companies, even in 2011, data center costs are not their primary concern."

And Ars Technica says Facebook isn't that interested in the 'green' aspect of it either.

"...there are much larger forces at work here. Specifically, despite what most people think, Facebook and Google are hardware companies, and the former's open-source datacenter will potentially help it compete in the datacenter arena with its much larger and deeper-pocketed rival."

Finally -- for perspective, Green Tech Media blog notes -the other companies making their own servers right now - aren't sharing.

"Google designs its own servers too, but good luck getting one on your own. The "information is free" guys at Google keep a Politboro grip on their IP."

For now, Open Compute Project has the support of companies like Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Advanced Micro Devices and Intel. (SOC)

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