Father Pamphlet-13e: Table showing how thorough he

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Father Pamphlet 13e: Table showing how thorough he had the knowledge. http://homepage.ntlworld.com/rajinder.nijjhar/father13.pdf
The table is self-explanatory and needs very little introduction. Father did separate the Three Worlds more clearly than I could. Once born people are dominated by ego and they cannot progress spiritually unless they attain common sense which is holy spirit, the spirit of Man. It could be misused. Then it becomes evil spirit or the people are psychic and they can easily fleece people. At presemt most of the religious places are dominated by these psychic priests who work for Mammon or Judas Iscariot in sheep's clothing. Simple minded people, the stones, cannot understand their tactics and you need wisemen sealed to serve God holy ghost people to supervise the psychic in the Churches of God where Fellowship prevails and no Hireling Dog-Collared Priests. Thus, those who have Dog-Collared Hireling Priests in the Churches, they do not do the Will of our Father but tend to uplift Him by calling Lord and God even to His Son, Christ Jesus who came to set us FREE of the Temple Priests from their heavy yokes of sins. Christ Jesus, our anointed Royal High Priest has made us Royal Priests, the very sons of God from which the Rabbis had alienated the general public in order to frighten them and milch them. So, let us enjoy our Freedom.

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